How to use WhatsApp on a laptop without a QR code? Solution

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the most popular instant messaging program available for several platforms and supports a wide variety of media types like photos, audio, and video. And if you don’t want to install whatsapp on phone then you can use WhatsApp on a laptop without a QR code.

However, laptop users can access the service without using Whatsapp web which requires QR code scanning. and you must have a Mobile phone in this case. Although, at first glance, this may appear to be the perfect option, utilizing WhatsApp Web does come with a few restrictions.

For the WhatsApp web app that does require a QR code to function, you will need to have an active internet connection on your mobile phone and your computer at all times while you are using it. This is because all messages sent through the Whatsapp web client without using a QR code portal are sent to the recipient intended for them.

Millions of people use the famous messaging application known as WhatsApp worldwide. Access to the service can be gained by any device: a phone, a laptop, or a desktop computer. As a direct consequence of this change, users will be required to connect to the messaging software via a computer rather than their mobile device. 

Users ask many times, is it possible to use WhatsApp on a laptop without a QR code? So the answer is “YES”.  Here is a way out. 

Ways to use Whatsapp without QR code- Using BlueStacks Emulator

If you don’t want to download WhatsApp onto your mobile device, a workaround is available for you to use instead.

There are a variety of Android emulators that can be downloaded and installed on a Windows computer like BlueStacks, LDPlayer, and Nox Player if you want to be able to run Android applications on your laptop.  Whatsapp BlueStacks Emulator is one of the greatest and most straightforward to use apps available today.

How to install WhatsApp Web without using a QR code by utilizing BlueStacks Emulator:

use WhatsApp on a laptop without a QR code on emulator
  1. Visit the Official website and install BlueStacks App Player.
  1. After downloading, install BlueStacks App Player by following the on-screen instructions.
  2. When you initially launch the BlueStacks App Player’s App Store, you may immediately begin downloading applications with ease.
  3. Navigate to the WhatsApp download page using BlueStacks App Player and complete the installation.
  4. When you first start the WhatsApp app using your BlueStacks app player, you will be prompted to finish the registration procedure so that you may use the app.
  5. Simply entering your cell phone number during the registration procedure allows you to use WhatsApp even if you do not have a QR code.
  6. To import your current contacts, open the Contacts app within BlueStacks App Player and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. You can start a new discussion or respond to an existing one by pressing the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

One mobile number may only be associated with one device at a time for Whatsapp. If you currently have a WhatsApp account on a phone, you’ll either have to quit using it or obtain a new one on the BlueStacks App Player for optimal operation.

Final Word

Utilizing this strategy makes it simple to install and use WhatsApp web on a laptop, even without a QR code.  This is an easy method to install and use Whatsapp online on a computer without the need for a QR code. Moreover, this was achieved with no extra gadgets. 

It enables you to send and receive WhatsApp messages straight to contacts, without having to route them via your phone first. 

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